An ode to the friends in our lives

An ode to the friends in our lives

Childhood has always been the sweetest memory of our lives. Whenever one talks of nostalgia and memories, it usually starts with us as kids. And any story from as long as one can remember is incomplete without the mention of our friends. Every mischief you did together, all the times you were scolded and punished, the tiffins shared before lunch break or the ice-cream treats after school hours. As you grew up some friends stuck while others drifted away. But you certainly added a few more. The hostel roommates, the favourite classmate, the after-college bestie, the saviour colleague. You found friends at every turn of life. Come to think of it, life is impossible without them. No matter how commercialised or hyped it may sound, but Friendship Day indeed is a sweet day recalling all those bittersweet memories we made with all our friends.

Varied sources cite varied origins of this date, maybe it was popularised to feed into our consumer mentality, but nothing would take away the fact that this day is celebrated with the most innocent and pure reason on the earth- to show your love and respect for your BFF. BFFs- the magical creatures who have seen us at our most vulnerable, geeky and yucky state and still decide to hang around with us. With deadlines to match and life running chasing targets, maybe a commercial day like Friendship day is the best chance that allows us to spend some time with the people who understand us the best without any guilt.

This Friendship day, let’s take a moment to reminisce about all the activities that become magical with our best friends around.

  1. Attending college:   Anyone who has attended college, knows what a challenge college can be, without our friends. Lengthy courses, mundane lectures, tedious projects all combine to make college the not-so-happening place. But we have friends at rescue making college the most memorable part of growing up. Infinite visits to the canteen, conversations in between the classes and, most importantly, late night study sessions have helped many a great soul sail through this hardship!
  2. Working at office: Office can be a hard task master, with cut throat competition to demanding targets and unfair deadlines. It is indeed your Bestie who saves the day. They make those long, super boring office parties more tolerable. They always know when you badly need a cup of coffee or a shoulder to cry after a meeting with the boss and absolutely gets it when you cuss at the ever-jamming printer.
  3. Shopping: Well, now shopping itself is not always as bad as attending office parties, but you always need a second honest opinion. Like when you get the dress in 2 of your favourite colours, or when the lady at the counter just refuses to understand which shade of hot pink you are looking for. Also, shopping with best friends makes the entire experience more fun! After all how will you dodge those creepy dudes who are ever so inclined to do fraaandsip with you, had it not been for your friends?
  4. Watching movies: Watching movies can be a tricky affair, especially for the super sensitive ones. You know the movies where the handsome heroes die, or worse, some animal die *takes a break to wipe tears*. Why would anyone expect you to watch movies, which can potentially make you laugh or cry hysterically without sharing the sentiment. And what fun it is to dissect every scene in a post movie review.
  5. Going to parties: If you are sufficiently bored with office parties, try their social counterparts- they are adventurous. From drunk-dancing uncles to aunties who want to get you married off the moment they see you, you can find them all here. Having your BFF tag along somehow makes these adventures more fun and appealing.
  6. Having a spa at home:  Getting a spa treatment done at home is a sure shot way to get rejuvenated at the comfort of your home and at half the price you would have paid to the fancy spa lady. (Read here to know how to get a spa at home.) However the zen like peace is tolerable for only so long, soon we start feeling chatty; and no one is better suited to carry out the role of the listener than our BFFs. Getting pampered, while opening up our hearts to our BFFs just makes the entire experience ethereal.
  7. Going to long drives: What is better than going on a long drive sole? Going on a long drive with your friend. By virtue of their being able to lift up your mood and spirit, they prove to be amazing travel buddies. Plus it is always a bonus when you don’t feel like driving and they can take it from there.

Now that your memories are renewed, go hug your BFFs and tell them how much they mean to you, actually don’t tell them. Remember the last time they sold you out in front of your parents? Mean! Huh! Take them to a movie, maybe and get them to pay!

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