World Pride Parade

World Pride Parade

Nakedly Yours strongly believes that love doesn't come with any tags attached. Love is love no matter what. We endorse the acceptance of all human beings without any discriminations. We respect the choices made by an individual, even if it is with respect to what or who they choose to love. We take immense pride in supporting the LGBT community.

We are not all slogans and memes but no action. June being the pride month all over the world, we decided we would do more than just voicing our views in support the LGBT community. We, therefore, have reinforced our policies to become an inclusive company. We are starting, in a small way by empowering the oppressed in the LGBT community, by employing transgender women and men. We are closely working with the numerous foundations for the skill development for these people.

It is a sad truth that transgenders are still widely unrecognized in the social strata. There are very few employment opportunities for this ignored and forgotten section of the society due to the social stigma attached to them. This often pushes them to a series of issues like drug addiction, prostitution, depression to name a few. We are doing our bit in our little way to give back to the community.

Any NGOs or organizations trying to rehabilitate or find opportunities for trans people can most welcome to join their hands with us to make our little effort stronger.

By Lakshana Leelakrishnan

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