• Foot Balm

    Nourishing and healing foot balm, Foot Salve is for the sore and tired feet from Nakedly Yours. Clove, natural oils and butters helps repair and regenerate the skin from dry and cracked to soft and smooth feet.

  • Body Butter

    Body Butters from Nakedly Yours are handmade with natural butters and pure essential oils. Perfect nourishment for dry, oily or combination skin these body butters moisturizes, repairs and hydrates leaving the skin smooth and fragrant.

  • Foot Soak

    Loaded with natural ingredients like Epsom Salt, Himalyan Pink Salt and Sea Salts, Foot Soaks from Nakedly Yours improvesblood circulation and eases aching muscles.

  • Lotion Bars

    Nakedly yours specialises in an exotic range of lotion bars. Rich blend of various plant butters and essential is encapsulated to create these mess free and spill proof body moisturising beauties. Lotion bars work like a charm on parched skin and leaves a lingering aroma of the essential oils used.

  • Body Polish

    Made with natural ingredients, the range of Exfoliators from Nakedly Yours removes dead flakes and excess oil, rejuvenating and giving you radiant, glowing and smooth skin all day.

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Showing 13 - 13 of 13 items